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MicroScan's pricing is based on many factors, and each of our jobs is typically priced to fit the desired results. Common factors include:

Hardcopy Scanning

  • Document Size--large or small
  • Mixed Document Sizes
  • Mixed Document Quality
  • Stapled or Bound Media
  • Black & White· Color or Grayscale
  • Graphic Format Conversion
  • Media Scanned To: Tape, CD, Optical
  • Scan to File vs. Scan to Plot/Print
  • Indexing Requirements
  • PDF conversion


  • 16 mm or 35 mm Rolls
  • Number of Rolls
  • Total Number of Images
  • Quality / Consistency of Film
  • Image indexing criteria


  • Microfiche size
  • Quality / Consistency of Film
  • Image indexing criteria
  • Total Number of Images

Aperture Cards

  • Total Number of Aperture Cards
  • Hollerith Punched Indexing
  • Manual Indexing

CAD Conversions

  • Number of Drawings
  • Type of Drawing
  • Quality of Original
  • Auto-vectorization
  • Intelligent Auto-revectorization
  • Full / Partial Re-draw
  • Applied Layers and Symbols
  • File Format Conversion· Media / Delivery